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Multiple Meaning Words

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Em inglês existem palavras com mais de um significado como ocorre em qualquer língua do mundo. Basta pensar em algumas palavras do nosso português: banco, pode ser assento ou local onde realizamos transações bancárias; manga, pode ser a fruta ou parte da camisa. Além dessas, tente se lembrar de palavras variadas da nossa língua que desempenham sentidos diferentes em contextos múltiplos. A seguir, segue uma lista de algumas palavras e alguns dos seus diferentes significados.

BALL = bola / baile
Kids just love to play with a ball.
Cinderella dances with the prince in the castle ball.

Bank = banco / margem de rio
Be careful with your bank account password.
My uncle has a house on the river bank.

Bark = latir / casca de árvore 
My dog barks like crazy when he sees a cat. 
Cork is the bark of a special tree. (Cortiça é a casca de uma árvore especial).
(esta foi melhor traduzir´né?)

BAT = morcego / bastão de baseball
A bat is not a flying mouse.It's a different kind of animal.
In baseball game players use a heavy bat to hit the ball.

Book = livro / reservar (fazer reserva em hotel, restaurante etc…) 
The book is in the shelf.
Before going to a place it is good to book a room in a hotel.

Bright = brilho / brilhar / brilhante / muito inteligente.
A candle gives a soft and romantic bright to a dinner.
My brother is a bright guy. He's only 20 and he's a doctor.

Can = verbo poder / lata (refrigerante ou cerveja.) 
I can play the piano in your party.That's no problem.
I can drink all the beer cans I want a day,but I think one can is enough.
Veja só isto:

If a canner can can 100 cans a day, how many cans can a canner can in three weeks of canning cans?
Não vamos nem traduzir esta.Fica como treinamento para você.

Check = conferir / cheque (de banco) 
It is always good to check your car before long trips.
When you check you car you can pay the service by check.

Coat = casaco / revestir,cobrir.
In winter there's nothing better than a good coat.
I coated my living room with wallpaper. It is beautiful now.

Fly = voar / mosca(inseto). 
People always wanted to fly. Santos Dumont made it possible.
A fly can bring several deseases to your food. Keep it away.

Foot = pé (humano) / unidade de medida (30,4 cm.) 
The plural of "foot" is "feet" , did you know that?
One foot is equal to 30.4 centimetres,ok? How much is 3/4 of a foot?

Ground = chão / passado do verbo "Grind"= Moer (pronuncia-se "graind"). 
I am affraid of flying. I prefer to stay on the ground.
A esfiha is a kind of Arabic food made with ground meat on top.

Hard = duro, rígido / difícil
What keeps the information in a computer is called Hard Disk.
I think it is really hard to learn how to speak Japanese.

Kid = garoto / bode jovem 
The movie "Kids" is about teenagers and AIDS. 
Young goats are calledd kids but they aren't human kids. 
(meio confuso né?)

Leaves = parte (vai embora) / folhas (plural de leaf – folha de planta)
Jane leaves home at 7:00 am to go to school everyday.
In autumn the tree leaves become brown and fall down.

Light = luz / leve / verbo iluminar 

God said "Let there be light" -and there was light.
You can easily carry a book. It's very light but important.
Let me light the room for you or you may have an accident.

Mark = notas escolares / marca (mancha) / Marcos (nome próprio)
If you don't study how do you expect to have good marks?
Don't put a hot plate on a wood table because it will leave a mark on it.
I have canadian friend called Mark. He came to Brazil last year.

Match = fósforo / combinar / partida esportiva
I need to light the birthday candles.Please give me a match.
Your yellow shirt doesn't match with that red jacket.
It was great! Our team won the match by 3 x 0.

Park = parque / estacionar veiculo. 
On sunday it is good to go to Ibirapuera park to walk a little. 
Don't park your car in front of a garage or you'll  will get a parking ticket. 

Party = festa / partido politico.  
Tomorrow is my birthday and I'll invite all my friends to a party.
There so many parties in Brazil that is difficult to chose one to vote for.

Pitcher = lançador (baseball) / dosador de bebidas.

Attention! The pitcher is going to throw the ball now!
Don't exaggerate in your whisky. Use the pitcher ok?

Play = jogar / tocar / representar.
I just love to play soccer with my friends on weekends.
My father always liked to play the violin.
It was great when Harrison Ford played Blade Runner main character.

Punch = bebida / socar, dar socos.
Punch is a popular drink made with wine and fruit.
If you don't stop bothering me I'll punch you in the nose.

Right = lado direito / correto / direito juridico.
To reach the theater go to the corner and turn right.
If you say that 2+3=6 you are not right.
In USA when someone is arrested the policeman says:" You have the right to remain silent…"

Rose = rosa (flôr) / subiu,levantou (past of the verb To Rise). 
Rose is known as the queen of all flowers.
The campaign rose funds for children in need all over the world.

Ruler = regua / "aquele que dita as regras"(rules). 
Use the ruler to draw a line.It will make your drawing look better.
To make the Law someone as to act as a ruler.

Sheet = folha (de papel) / lençol (roupa de cama). 
Give me a sheet of paper. I need to write something.
The most usual color for a bed sheet is white.Or do you prefer other color

Show = mostrar / espetáculo. 
I don't know this building.Please show me the way out.
Pink Floyd was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen.

Sign = assinar / sinal / signo (zodiaco)
To get your document just sign here,please
In the desert there's no sign of life for many miles.
My sign is Libra. What's yours?

Sink = verbo Afundar(sink, sank, sunk) / pia,lavatório. 
In April 14, 1912 the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank killing thousands of people.
Don't wash your hands in the toilet, stupid. Do it in the sink!

Stick = galho / espeto / grudar (algo em algum lugar). 
The branches of a tree are also called sticks,right?
Brazilian cowboys use a stick to guide the cattle on their journeys.
Many people like to stick pictures on the car windows.Do you stick pictures anywhere?

Top = parte de cima / pião (brinquedo)/ cume de montanha / blusa curta / ultimo andar(top floor) / maximo,o mais alto
The title is usually on the top of the page.
Do children still play with tops anywhere?
Climbing a montain rewards all the hard work when you reach the top.
Many girls like to wear a top in summer.
My father leaves in that building on the top floor.
For many years Airton Senna was the top pilot in Formula 1 races.

Train = trem(comboio) / verbo treinar.
Today people don't use train so much. It seems cars and buses have the preference.
To became a champion you must train hard for a long time.

Watch assitir (TV ou filme) / relogio de pulso.
At night we like to watch TV in the comfort of our homes.
What time is it, please? I forgot my watch at home.

Wind = vento (pronunciado "uind") / enrolar,enroscar(pronunciado "uaind").
Patrick Swayze , the actor who played "Ghost" also recorded a song called "She's like the wind".
Slam your body down and wind it all around.(from a song by The Spice Girls) 


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